Three Days Left in AMG Brasil’s Presidential Dirty Joke Contest

SAN FRANCISCO — Pranksters have only three days left to pen a filthy joke and win the Carnaval Poke ‘n’ Joke Contest.

Production company Athletic Model Guild launched the contest in conjunction with the release of it latest feature release, “Carnaval,” from the studio’s Brazilian hardcore line AMG Brasil.

The joke-writing contestwas born from a comment made by adult industry journalist JC Adams about the film’s final scene, which finds performers Ricardo Onça, Anderson Alves and Max Kairon engaged in a threesome as a gorilla, a duck and the current U.S. President, respectively.

Adams said of the threesome, “That sounds like the setup for a punch line, doesn’t it? ‘A duck, a gorilla and a world leader walked into The Abbey in West Hollywood … ’”

The winner of the contest, who will be chosen by a panel of the dirtiest minds in the industry, will win a signed copy of “Carnaval,” a signed “Carnaval” poster and the entire AMG Brasil library, 13 DVDs in total. Contestants are encouraged to submit their best dirty jokes to

Interested parties can view the full set of rules as well as previous entries at the studio’s blog.

AMG will accept entries until midnight on May 1.

Here are a few of the most popular entries:

From Loekat: “George and Laura Bush, looking to spice up their sex life, buy a pack of flavored condoms. George blindfolds Laura and says, ‘Okay, I’m gonna put one of these suckers on, then you slob the knob and guess the flavor.’

“So Laura immediately slurps up his cock and screams, ‘Blue Cheese!’

“Dubya pulls out and says, ‘I ain’t even put the damn thing on yet, hon.’”

From STP: “President Bush calls 911 and says, ‘Please hurry, Tony Blair’s swallowed a condom!’ Before an ambulance can arrive, he calls back and says, ‘Don’t worry about it. I found another one.’”