FreedomStreams ’08 Raises Nearly $15,000 for Free Speech Coalition

Tom Hymes
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — FreedomStreams '08, the third annual one-day fundraising event organized by and its studios to benefit the Free Speech Coalition, took place April 15 and raised almost $15,000, according to a press release sent out this morning.

"FSC would like to express its profound appreciation to the studios that participated in FreedomStreams ’08," the press release read. "This year’s event is the result of 60 donors, representing 212 brands and studios, participating under the leadership of National A-1 Internet (aka"

“HotMovies is proud to support FSC at this crucial time,” Hotmovies Director of Business Development James Cybert said. “The Free Speech Coalition always has our back, and it is nothing short of an honor for us to reciprocate. We’d like to thank all of our participating studios and we encourage all content producers to continue to support FSC in all of their important work.”

The original FreedomStreams concept was brilliantly simple, according to FSC Director of Membership Services Scott L. Lowther. One day — April 15 — was designated during which participating studios would donate their profits to FSC, with matching the money raised dollar for dollar.

"The result is a collaborative partnership that continues to be the largest member-driven fundraising program in FSC history,” Lowther said. “Member generosity and support begets results. We are all in this together.”

FSC reports that FreedomStreams events thus far have raised over $50,000 for the adult entertainment industry trade association.

“We are indebted to for its third consecutive year of fundraising leadership,” Lowther added. “The support of FSC members in helping us keep up the good fight is essential to our ability to sustain overhead related to our cost of doing business on behalf of the industry as a whole and, more specifically, our members. When groups of donors and studios band together, each giving a little to create a lot, it’s a win/win for all of us.”

A complete list of participants will be posted on Companies or individuals interested in joining forces with FSC can contact FSC at 1-818-348-9373.