My Gay Cash Announces New Promotion Tools

PHOENIX — Affiliate program My Gay Cash has announced that it is adding hosted blogs and RSS feeds as promotional tools for affiliates.

“Blogs are very popular and generate a considerable amount of traffic,” My Gay Cash managing partner Mario Guarda said. “We have created blogs for each of our sites, and they are available as hosted blogs and RSS feeds with My Gay Cash. The best part is that the RSS feeds will be updated with exclusive content every week to the paysite’s updates — hence, webmasters can continue to update their sites with fresh content all the time.

“RSS feeds and hosted blogs complete our promotion tools offered to webmasters,” Guarda said.

In addition to the RSS feeds and hosted blogs, My Gay Cash offers hosted galleries, embed videos in two different formats, zip-formatted high-resolution photos, zip-formatted video previews and banners.

The hosted blogs have affiliates’ IDs behind all the links, so the webmasters are credited for each sale generated through the blogs.

The hosted blog URLs are: , , , and .

There are plenty of possibilities with the new blogging tool, including the redirecting of a domain name and a link trade with actual blogs. The RSS feeds can be blended with webmasters’ feeds and webmasters can create pages in their own blogs, provided they link back to the URL at the hosted blog.

“We invite all webmasters to take advantage of this and sign up with My Gay Cash,” Guarda said. “The launch of this new tool is just the beginning, as new scripts will be added in the near future to expand the possibilities RSS feeds can offer.”

For more information, visit the website or contact Bianca at .