‘Bareback Butt Suckers’ Exclusively Available on AEBN

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Video-on-demand network AEBN announced that it has snagged exclusive VOD rights for ThreshHold Media's newest title, “Bareback Butt Suckers.”

"’Bareback Butt Suckers,’ like a lot of our videos, is a response from our fan base for a DVD that is like our very popular ‘Cum Suckers’ series, only with barebacking," Factory Video President Scott Morris said. "A lot of the DVD features and topics that we do are based on the letters and emails we get from fans — matched, naturally, with the models who are into the activity.”

Formed in 1998, Factory Video is known for its amateur models and professional production quality; it has opened its doors to several different studios over the years, including ThreshHold Media. Each brings a new style and taste to Factory's core ideals to produce extremely popular film lines.

“’Cum Suckers’ has always done well with us as a series," AEBN's Chris Baker said. “I'm looking forward to seeing how this new spin on the film will go. I've always enjoyed working with Factory Video and this time is no exception.”

“’Bareback Butt Suckers” is a re-edit of the best cumshots from bareback videos from both ThreshHold Media and Factory Video," Morris said. "We shy away from the word ‘compilation’ because what ‘Bareback Butt Suckers’ is, is a completely different product from the videos that the clips came from. ‘Bareback Butt Suckers’ if for guys who like to skip right to dessert."

“Bareback Butt Suckers” joins Factory Video's “Cum Suckers” series among AEBN’s offerings and is currently available through its network of theaters.

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