COLT Announces ‘MASSIVE’ Release

SAN FRANCISCO — COLT Studio Group has announced the release of director John Rutherford’s latest title, “MASSIVE.”

“The name says it all,” a COLT rep said. “’MASSIVE’ is about all things big. Big muscles, big cocks and big rock hard men.”

“MASSIVE” indulges in the appreciation of the finest and the biggest specimens of manhood in a state of raw, all-male sexual desire.

“MASSIVE” stars COLT Men Darrin Hawk, Ricky Parks, Skye Woods, Mickey Gunz, Adam Champ and Mitch Branson. The movie also introduces Emilio Estaban.

“The minute our art team presented their idea for the cover art for ‘MASSIVE,’ I knew we had a real winner on our hands,” COLT Studio Group President John Rutherford said. “We’re celebrating our fifth year as the new owners of COLT Studio Group and ‘MASSIVE’ is something really big to celebrate with. The Jim French torch burns strong — and we are the carriers of such a great responsibility. It’s easy, though, when we’ve got the world’s most masculine men to photograph and film. As the most trusted name in erotica, we hold our heads high and know that retailers worldwide will, too, once they see how ‘MASSIVE’ will fly off their shelves.”

“MASSIVE” will ship in late May.

Preorders take $15 off the price and can be made here.

For more information, visit the COLT website.