Surewood Faces Preliminary Hearing in Road Rage Incident

Tod Hunter
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Adult performer Brian Surewood faced a preliminary hearing this week on charges following an October road rage incident that killed a 5-year-old boy and injured the boy's mother and 3-month old sister.

Authorities say the crash was the end of a road rage incident between Surewood, 44, and Armando Ayon, 19, of Pacoima.

The crash, which severed Syeda Arif's leg, fatally injured her son, Ayman, and left her 3-month-old daughter, Ikra, in critical condition after Ayon lost control of his car, has led to Ayon and Surewood facing charges of homicide, vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving causing great bodily injury. Both are in custody on $1 million-plus bail, facing 15 years to life if found guilty.

Surewood is also facing charges of leaving the scene.

Arif, seated in a wheelchair and speaking through an interpreter, was one of the witnesses at the daylong preliminary hearing. She testified that doctors are still treating her infant daughter's head injuries, using a tube to drain fluid and relieve pressure. Four witnesses testified they saw Ayon's black Nissan and Surewood's red convertible Camaro weaving in and out of lanes as they sped westbound along Sherman Way.

At one point, one witness said, he saw Surewood hit the brakes in the middle of the street. Authorities said Ayon swerved and his Nissan smashed into a parked car that hit Arif, who was getting something from her car trunk. She was holding her 3-month-old daughter, and her son stood next to her.

Judge Leslie Dunn must determine whether there is enough evidence for Surewood and Ayon to stand trial. The next hearing is set for May 14.