Swedish Film Institute Funds Feminist Adult Anthology

Bob Preston
STOCKHOLM — The Swedish Film Institute wants to produce adult films — very, very small ones.

Founded in 1963, the Swedish Film Institute's ongoing mandate is to support and encourage film production in its native country, and this year they're flirting with the adult industry by funding a low-budget compilation of adult shorts.

Swedish production company Story is funding the project with the Swedish Film Institute, which will provide about $59,000 of the movie's final budget of $76,200.

The movie, produced by Goran Olsson and Mia Engberg, will be called "Dirty Diaries," and is set for a spring 2009 release. Engberg, a feminist and a documentary filmmaker, came up with the concept for "Dirty Diaries." Her film "Bitch & Butch" examined whether it was possible for a feminist to make pornography.

Anne-Marie Söhrman Ferm, an adviser for the Swedish Film Institute, praised the project.

“For me, it’s an examination of erotic film from a totally different perspective: a feminist perspective,” she said. “I think it’s a very exciting project with clearly artistic ambitions.”

All of the shorts will be shot by women, and all of the directors must shoot their films on mobile phones or mobile devices.

The directors have very few guidelines for what is acceptable content: They can't put any of their performers in harm's way, and all of their talent must be older than 18.

The Swedish Film Institute distributes grants and promotes Swedish film internationally. The organization also holds an annual awards show, the Guldbagge Awards.