Cicciolina Fractures Rib, Swears Off Pornography

Jeremy Spencer
BUENOS AIRES — According to The Earth Times, former Italian porn star and legislator Ilona Staller, better known as Cicciolina, fractured a rib while rehearsing for the Argentine version of “Dancing With the Stars,” but decided to keep on dancing.

Cicciolina, 56, who performed in several adult films from 1970-1992 including “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empress” with John Holmes, has been nominated to leave the show tonight, given the low score she and her partner got with a disco routine.

In an interview with the Argentine daily Clarin, she stressed she does not want to leave so early into the program, even with her fractured rib.

She explained that her first performance was just a few days after she arrived in Argentina, and with only a few hours of rehearsals, she was tired.

"Although I danced in my shows, this demands a higher level," Cicciolina said. "I know I am not going to win, but it is an experience that gives me joy, that allows me to be again in contact with the Argentine audience, which has always been warm [to] me.”

Cicciolina said she considers herself a "gypsy artist, an artist of the world." That is why she decided to perform in the Argentine program, which she said “is as good as the Italian version” of the show.

Cicciolina, who was elected to Italian Parliament for one term in 1987, further claimed that she would like to have an Argentine husband.

"I am waiting for the Argentine Cicciolino. The perfect man,” she said. “Sweet, not violent, friend, brother. I don't care about the money.”

She noted that all her sexual fantasies have come true, but stressed that her time as a porn star is over.

“It was a stage in my life that is over,” she said. “Since my son was born, I am no longer interested in pornography. I would never do it again. I can swear that.”