RudeTV Wanks Off Last Night

Joanne Cachapero
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Internet television network RudeTV launched softly last night with its first live four-hour broadcast from the former KSEX radio studios.

Adult radio personality Wankus was in full effect, co-hosting his nightly “Smell My Finger” show live, with co-hostess and Déjà Vu contract star Sunny Lane.

“We’re giving it a kick off in the right way. Monday is starting with a ‘sunny attitude,’ and I’m doing the show with Wankus from 8-10 on Monday nights,” Lane told XBIZ. “I love being Wankus’ co-host. We have so much fun and a good time. So much is in store. It’s multimedia now — this is television.”

Former KSEX personnel brought on by RudeTV gathered last night for the launch party. A! Entertainment’s Tony Batman was on hand, and will be hosting the RudeTV version of his variety show on Thursday nights, with co-hostess Anita Blue.

Baadmaster of "Baadmaster’s Dungeon" was also brought on from the former KSEX lineup, and will host his BDSM-themed show on Tuesday nights, with starlet Satine Phoenix. “Everything is more deluxe,” Baadmaster said. “We have green screens and microphones that work. This is going to be the place, and ‘Baadmaster’s Dungeon,’ I hope, will become the place for people who are into bondage, BDSM and insanity.

“In fact, tomorrow we’re having a special on cock and ball torture,” he added. “It’s a must-see TV kind of deal. I want to shock people.”

Broadcasts are being taped against a green screen background; viewers will see the CGI version of the studio, reminiscent of E! Entertainment’s “Talk Soup.”

Wankus said that the owners of, including co-owner Brett Lamar, have completely backed his ideas for how to shape the new network.

“This is TV. These guys want a direct TV channel. They want to be the edgier Playboy or Perfect 10 network,” Wankus told XBIZ. “They want to take it to another level with better quality programming. We have the ability to do it, we have the people behind us that see it and can produce it. We just have to get the bugs out and take it to the next step, and then the next step.”

Wankus pointed out also that show content will be aimed at various niche audiences.

“We want to go 24 hours with multiple shows at the same time; if you don’t like “Smell My Finger” and it’s going head-to-head with ‘BaadMaster’s Dungeon’ — fine, tune into ‘BaadMaster’s Dungeon,’” Wankus said. “We’re hoping to be worldwide, and these guys are commited.”

Former Howard Stern regular Gary Garver will co-host a Friday night show “Gary Garver Live” with co-host Fat James. Lexi Lamour and Ethan Cage will host “Road Whore!” on Wednesday nights and Priscilla Russo hosts “Holla @ Your Girl” on Tuesday evenings.

Other shows on the line-up include “Relax, It’s Just a Fetish” with Ashley Fires, “Penis or Plastic” with Alanna, “Whispers” with Mika Tan and “Guitarded” hosted by Wankus.

“I’m very excited but stressed,”’s Lamar told XBIZ. “But my stress level is coming down because everything is going 100 percent as planned. No hang-ups yet. We’re just getting started. We’ve got a great lineup. We have four hours programming tonight, but we’re going to work our way up to 24 hours, and once we work our way up to 24 hours — here comes London, here comes New York — it’s coming.”

Parent company is an adult social networking site that offers members the ability to post video profiles and also upload video clips as well as live webcam footage. Founded two years ago, the site now claims to have more than 2 million registered members.

“We wanted to give a live presence out to our viewers from a studio and we ant to bring the Internet and TV to our users, and reach out to America,” Lamar said. “Soon, you’ll have this on a set-top box through IPTV.”

After the broadcast was over, Fat James noted that at one point during the show, there were more than 2,000 members in the RudeTV chat room online.

“They were really pushing it,” James said. “It was crazy numbers — like 2 or 3 thousand in the chat room at one point. That’s just from word of mouth.”

Other adult personalities that were in attendance included starlets Carrie Moon, Mya Mason and Dakoda Brookes; director/producer Will Ryder; publicists Sherry Z. and Jay Moyes; celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt; and blogger Gram Ponante.

Mika Tan posed for pictures wearing a fuzzy pink cave girl outfit, and said she was glad to be back after several months’ hiatus. The other starlets tried out a spanking machine, to the amusement of other partygoers.

“The fact that Wankus is back is always good for some entertainment,” Ryder said. “He belongs in front of a microphone. I don’t know if he belongs on-camera — he’s not the most attractive guy in the world. But he definitely belongs in front of a mic, so I’m glad to see him back on the air.”

Wankus said also, that he welcomes all suggestions from viewers for what they’d like to see on RudeTV. As for potential show sponsors, he is also open to interested parties that would like to develop a show. He anticipates that there will be many programming changes over the next several months, until he gets the right chemistry in the mix.

But, last night, Wankus was just happy to have pulled it off.

“The vibe is so good,” he said. “It’s a nice feeling. Now, I can go home and masturbate.”