to Sponsor Q at the 10th Annual International Ms Bootblack Competition

SAN FRANCISCO —, Syren and Stormy Leather have announced that they will sponsor Q, the marketing executive who reigns as the current Ms. Southeast Leatherfest Bootblack, in the 10th Annual International Ms. Bootblack competition at the International Ms Leather (IMSL) Weekend May 1-4.

Q will wear attire provided by the Stormy Leather and Syren divisions of

Syren is one of the top design houses for couture latex clothing and latex/rubber fashions.

Stormy Leather is the manufacturer and retailer of high-end leather fashions.

Both are divisions of, which will be donating products to the event's auction.

“I've been a fan of, Stormy Leather and Syren for many years, so it's truly a thrill to have them sponsor me,” Q said.

Q first encountered bootblacking — the act of caring for another person's boots or leathers while they are in them — when she attended her first leather event, Together in Leather, in 2005. Her next exposure to bootblacking was at Frolicon, a carnival-type event which attracts revelers interested in everything from zombie burlesque to belly dancing.

Q started on her journey to learn more regarding this art, culminating in her winning the 2007 title at Southeast Leatherfest. When not competing in leather-related events, she works as a sales and marketing executive for, a website portal for people interested in sexual fetishes and bondage, domination, submission and masochism.

IMSL bills itself as “the biggest, baddest and best event anywhere for leatherwomen and our friends.” It features workshops “teaching you more naughty things than you can shake a flogger at,” as well as entertainment, including sexy and saucy performances, burlesque, lap dancing, striptease and the 22nd Annual International Ms. Leather contest.

“I'm really excited about competing for the title of International Ms. Leather Bootblack 2008,” said Q. “It's an amazing event with a rich leather history that I am proud to have the opportunity to be a part of.

“For the past several months, I have traveled the country supporting my Southeast Leatherfest title and the leather community through bootblacking, giving workshops on bootblacking and leather care or bridging divides within the leather community,” she continued. “I've been an activist for a number of years prior to earning my current title, mostly in the area of gay and lesbian rights. Winning at IMSL would give me an opportunity to continue my path of advocacy for a community I belong to and believe in.”

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