Anabolic’s Ivan to Promote Horror Flick at Fangoria

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — Adult director Ivan will promote his crossover project, a horror-based comedy series titled “Roadside Killer,” at the horror/fantasy fan show Fangoria, to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, on April 25-27.

“Roadside Killer #2” won the Bronze Award for Best Fantasy/Horror Short at WorldFest-Houston last weekend.

With a background in cinematography, the director is also known for his adult horror titles, including “Texas Asshole Massacre” and “Dawn of the Head,” as well as several lines that he helms for Anabolic; “Sweet Cheeks,” “Teenage Anal Princess,” “Bring 'Um Young” and “Creamplosions.”

“Actually I love both genres. They are similar in ways that they have hardcore fans base. With that comes fan support and feedback,” Ivan told XBIZ. “I love interacting with fans because they are the ones who dictate what I shoot and how I shoot. It's really about them.

“When it comes to adult, I really enjoy meeting new people,” he added. “We often get girls saying that our sets are the most laid back, it's because we enjoy our jobs and treat everyone with respect. And I think that comes off in the performances. With horror, I love the creative aspect of shooting and cinematography. The genre tends to give you more freedom to express yourself visually, which I love. Plus, it's fun throwing blood on people.”

The “Roadside Killer” series is based on a recurring character named Stanley Simmons, who is angry at the world because he has been unable to control his bladder since childhood, and has suffered a lifetime of humiliation. He takes out his aggressions on innocents that ask for his help.

Ivan said that the horror genre lends itself to a similar hardcore fanbase as adult video and that it can be a good crossover vehicle for adult performer that want to go mainstream; most recently, Jenna Jameson in a leading role in “Zombie Strippers.”

“Horror is a perfect way for adult actresses to crossover,” Ivan said. “In our first two episodes of ‘Roadside Killer’ we used an ex-pornstar and a current one, but we didn't promote the movies as that. Adult performers are more open-minded and willing to do more.

“I think if you can take semen in your mouth on camera, getting bloody and wacky in horror movies is a snap,” he explained. “I want to use more adult actresses in my movies, for the fact they are better sports and would love to find one future scream queen. If there are any girls out there who are good sports, I will shoot the hell out of them in my horror movies.”

On a rigorous production schedule, between mainstream and adult videos, Ivan says that he is working on two more episodes for the “Roadside Killer” series, as well as a documentary about a local wrestler.

“Adult-wise, I have ‘Nice Rack #16’ coming out in a few weeks in Blu-Ray and standard DVD,” Ivan said. “I am finishing up editing on ‘Teenage Anal Princess #8,’ ‘Bring 'um Young #27’ and ‘Sweet Cheeks #10.’”