Price Fixing Claims Rock Australian Stripper Industry

Jeremy Spencer
WINSTON HILLS, Australia — According to Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, strip club Adult Fire accused rival club Bombshells and Sex Bomb Promotions of paying its female performers $320 per 20-minute X-rated show, compared to Adult Fire’s $290 rate.

Adult Fire, whose shows involve bubble baths, vibrators, fruit and “pearl chains,” claims its Sydney-based rivals destroyed their business by overpaying the performers.

In a federal court hearing on April 16, Bombshells (Sydney’s biggest agency) and Sex Bomb were forced to hand over documents, including their business diaries for all of 2007, to the New South Wales Federal Court for the directions hearing.

The case was quickly dismissed with costs, still to be determined, awarded to the defendants.

Bombshells founder Tracey Craig said the dispute began a year ago when some Adult Fire dancers told their employer, Lorelle Katelan, that they would no longer work for her unless she paid the higher rate.

"She didn't want to pay that amount so they didn’t want to work for her," Craig said. “Girls choose to work for certain agencies and not for others. There are certain girls who say, ‘we expect that amount of money and we'll only work for the agents that will pay us.’

“As far as price fixing is concerned, I do not know what Sex Bomb or anyone else charges,” Craig said. “Our service warrants the price we charge.”

Katelan was unreachable for comment.

Craig said strippers were not supported by a union and had not been awarded a pay raise in years.

“It's not a great deal of money,” she said, “but I’m relieved that this matter has been dismissed. It's been a very stressful situation, and I wouldn't want to go through it again.”