Sexx University Offers Clothing Collection

Tod Hunter
WINNETKA, Calif. — Clothing company Sexx University is offering a new line of logo wear.

"If you went to college, you went there to get away from the folks, learn to live, find a major and figure out how to get laid," Sexx University principal Scott B told XBIZ. "So everybody's kind of a part of Sexx University. No matter whether you're gay, straight, or what you're into, everybody brings their own jazz to it."

The clothing available includes tuxedo thermals, embroidered henleys, heavyweight hoodies, baseball caps, camis, skorts and yoga pants. The Sexx University website also offers a free downloadable "Master of Sexual Administration (MSA)" diploma that can be personalized and printed for users to add to a gift package, or keep for themselves.

The graphics emulate real college and university clothing.

"I'm a professional graphic designer. I wanted to make it look as authentic as I could," B said. "People on the street ask if it's real."

The line has upscale alternatives to the expected logo T-shirts.

"We like to call it 'apparel.' We only have four T-shirts." B said. "This is all high-end stuff. The brand is strong — you could put it on a cheap white T-shirt and people would buy it — but we put it on a good quality piece. Our hoodies are second to none, and people try our stuff on and say, 'This is nice.' And the brand pulls it through."

For more information, visit the Sexx University website.