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Tod Hunter

New Law Restricts Adult Business Locations

HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. — A new law approved Thursday restricts adult entertainment businesses in High Springs to "the wooded acreage behind the peanut mill," the High Springs Herald reported.

The city did have a law on the books that banned all adult entertainment businesses in the city but such a ban is unconstitutional so a new law was in order, the City Commission was told.

Under the city's new law, an adult entertainment business can only be located in an industrial district and must be at least 500 feet from houses of worship, schools, child care facilities, public libraries and residentially zoned land.

The only area of the city that meets all those requirements is undeveloped and if an adult entertainment business wanted to move in, infrastructure such as roads, water lines and sewer lines would have to be built.

Some commissioners did ask if the distance requirement from churches and schools could be raised to 750 feet or 1,000 feet but doing so would mean no area in the city would be suitable for an adult entertainment business.

"There is not [an adult] business knocking on the door," a city official said. "We're trying to be proactive."

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Evansville Rewrites Adult Entertainment Statute

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — New wording in the city law restricting adult entertainment businesses will require would-be operators of adult businesses to follow zoning-requirements. Previously, the board of zoning appeals could reject an adult business even if all of the zoning requirements were met.

Evansville adult entertainment businesses cannot be located within 1000 feet of residential property or 500 feet of a school.

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Proposed Ordinance Would Confine 'Adult Use' Businesses to Industrial District

CROOKSTON, Minn. — A potential ordinance that would regulate potential "adult use" business requests would confine such business ventures to the city's heavy industrial district.

Community Development Director Mike MacDonald led the discussion at the city Planning Commission for the second time this week.

In addition to language confining such businesses to the industrial district, MacDonald said they would have to be at least 500 feet from a residential zone.

The next task is to define various "adult use" or "adult entertainment" activities, MacDonald said.

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Citizens Oppose Adult Businesses in Council Meeting

HASTINGS, Minn. — More than 60 citizens came to a public meeting on the ongoing question of adult businesses in Hastings Monday night.

The overwhelming sentiment of the people in attendance at the public meeting was to have the city adopt the Minnesota statute, although it is believed to be unconstitutional, and brace itself for a legal battle if the law is challenged.

The state statute says adult entertainment establishments can’t operate within 1,500 feet of each other, within 500 feet of a residential property or within 2,800 feet of an elementary or secondary school, church, synagogue, mosque or other place of worship.

A one year moratorium on adult use businesses in the city was enacted earlier this month by the city council to give city staff more time to work on the ordinance.

In May 2006, a Minnesota statute governing adult entertainment was put into law. Under the statute, a city is not required to zone for adult entertainment establishments if there is an existing one within 50 miles of the city, which would apply to Hastings because King of Diamond Gentleman’s Club in Inver Grove Heights is about 17 miles from the city limits.

Monday’s public meeting was the first attempt by the city to elicit the community’s help with the ordinance.

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Would-Be Sex Shop Owner Tries Again

DISS, England — An importer and distributor of adult products has made a new request to open for a sex shop on the edge of a village near Norfolk after he was refused planning permission earlier this year.

Christopher Bottrell, who runs his Lush XXX business at the Cloverfield Industrial Estate in East Harling, wants to open a sex shop in the ground floor of his building. He has already received a sex establishment license from Breckland Council.

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