Njoy's 'Eleven' Set for May Release

Tod Hunter
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — High-end sex products manufacturer Njoy has announced a May release for the "Eleven," a 2-3/4 pound, 11-inch stainless steel dildo with sculpted heads at both ends.

"Being that our regular line is solid steel, we didn't want to go overboard with the weight," Njoy co-founder Greg DeLong told XBIZ. "But some people wanted bigger pieces. We figured 'If we're going to make a big piece, let's make a big piece.' Our other pieces, the Fun Wand and the Pure Wand, are for precise massage of the G-spot and prostate. The Eleven is more for penetration."

The Njoy Eleven is made from three pieces of stainless steel welded together. The welds are ground out and the entire piece is polished.

"It's about half the weight it would be if it were solid, but it's thick enough. It's not going to dent," DeLong said. "In use, the weight is supported by your body, so it's a benefit. It adds a sense of presence that you don't get from a lightweight rubber or plastic toy."

The Eleven will be available in stores in late May, with a MSRP of $300 in the U.S. It comes packaged in a premium grade leather bag with a magnet closure.

"It's manufactured to the same quality standards as a high-end leather purse," DeLong said. "Premium top-grade leather, concealed magnet closures, lined with pink twill. Our standard boxes are meant to be something you keep; we've never done disposable packaging. A box for the Eleven would be so big, and so cumbersome, that we decided to do something different. This case will be the finest sex toy packaging ever made, and it's a part of the product. Make it a little bigger and put on a shoulder strap, we could sell it as a handbag."

For more information, visit NjoyToys.com.