Titan, Doc Johnson and pjur Team Up for New Lube Line

Joanne Cachapero
LUXENBOURG — Titan Media has teamed with novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson and pjur lubricants to create a signature line of enhancement products to complement the TitanMen Tools novelty line.

Three new lubricants and a spray are planned, including Titanium, a silicone-based lube; Rock Hard, a water-based lube; Hybrid, a silicone- and water-based lube; and Relax, an anal desensitizing spray.

The line will be manufactured in Germany, in containers with an easy-to-grip, one-handed design.

Brand management company Lucom, which is the European distributor for Titan’s DVD catalog and the TitanMen Tool line, also will distribute the new enhancement line in Europe.

Doc Johnson will handle U.S. distribution for TitanMen Tools and enhancement products.

Lucom is a sister company of pjur lubricants, and cross-marketing product was always part of the plan that Lucom owner/founder Alexander Giebel and Titan founder Bruce Cam have been developing for four years, Giebel said.

"Lubricants and toys were always part of the plan," Giebel said. "We took the perfect masculine brand, the best toy manufacturer, the best lubricant and enhancement producer, and it resulted in the best gay product line."

Promoted with the tagline "Toys are for boys, tools are for men," the line of novelties is designed in all black, with a combination glossy and matte finish. As with all Doc Johnson silicone products, the TitanMen Tools are manufactured using Sil-A-Gel, which is a nontoxic, cadmium-free, antibacterial and latex-free ingredient that Doc Johnson adds to all of its materials during manufacturing.

Both the Tools line and the line of enhancement products will be available to retailers in North America, Europe and Australia at the end of May.

"This is merely the tip of the iceberg," Titan Media Vice President Keith Webb said. "Over the next few years, the powers-that-be at Titan Media will continue to work closely with the design teams at both pjur group and Doc Johnson in an effort to create the most complete and innovative family of adult novelty products, all bearing the TitanMen brand name, " Webb added. "As part of an ongoing promotion of the line, Titan will feature the new toys and lubes in future DVD releases throughout the coming years."

For sales information, visit www.TitanMenTools.com and www.TitanMenLubes.com for product information.