X-Factor Magazine Relaunches Online as XXFactor.com

Jeremy Spencer
PHOENIX — Ken Furtado, founder and editor of the gay publication X-Factor, has announced that the defunct publication has been revived on the web as XX-Factor.

Last fall, when the 18-year-old publication ceased production, Furtado began making plans for its continuation. With the support of most of his freelance writers, Furtado turned X-Factor into XXFactor.com.

“It was hard for me to let it go,” Furtado told XBIZ at The Phoenix Forum last month. “After so many years, I had to sit back and watch what I helped build from the ground up go under. So I immediately started taking steps to ensure that this great publication would continue. We found that online was the only logical way to go.”

Like its predecessor, XX-Factor focuses on gay adult entertainment: book, magazine, DVD and website reviews; celebrity interviews; salacious Whoroscopes™; a sexy fitness column; the "Naked Traveler" and other special features.

A redesigned website launched in March, adding an interactive graphic interface, new search features and imbedded Flash videos.

On April 22, the 14th Annual Hard Choice Awards will be announced on the new XX-Factor website.

Winners are chosen by critic Onan the Vulgarian, with recommendations and input from co-reviewer Harley Shadow. All gay adult films released in 2007 and reviewed in X-Factor were eligible for consideration.

Onan inaugurated the Hard Choice Awards in January 1995.

“Although they may not get the attention of other porn awards,” Furtado said, “the Hard Choice Awards are the second-oldest continuously running gay porn awards.”

"It’s that time of year when everyone with something to say puts it in a list,” Onan the Vulgarian said. “Here’s my list. No fanfare, no shindig, no porn stars, no statuettes. No lifetime achievement awards, no drag queens, no envelopes, no acceptance speeches. Just the year’s best in all-male porn that is guaranteed to keep you hard.”

Instead of a panel of judges or a committee of fans, The Hard Choice Awards are determined by one person who has seen every film submitted.

“The Hard Choice Awards are equal opportunity,” Onan said. “Whether domestic or foreign, major studio or little guy, if a film deserves merit, it will get noticed. When I watch a film, I listen to the dialogue and the music. I pay attention to the lighting, continuity, editing and camerawork. I try to figure out what the director is trying to achieve and how well he or she achieved it. I'm not locked in to categories, so if something floors me, I may create an award for it on the spot — even if I never use that category again."

Producers and distributors of gay/bi adult material who wish to have it featured in XX-Factor may email Furtado at editor@xxfactor.com .

For more information, visit the new website.