Sunset Thomas Shoots Her Final Adult Film, Vavoom's First

Tod Hunter
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Veteran performer Sunset Thomas has ended her performing career with Vavoom Films' "Into the Sunset," to be released and distributed by LFP Video Group.

"Into the Sunset" will mark the first release for Vavoom Films.

Thomas wanted to pay tribute to her fans by choosing a civilian for her farewell scene, Chris Bellis from Wind Gap, Pa.

“Dreams and fantasies do come true," Bellis said. "I am so thankful to LFP Video and Vavoom Films for giving me this incredibly unique and positive experience. I can definitely say that it was a feather in my cap that I don’t think I will ever top.”

Thomas was pleased with the shoot, calling it “the most relaxed and sexually charged set I’ve ever been on — no egos, no issues, just a lot of people who sensed we were doing something very special. My final scene became much more than I originally thought it would be. The poet T.S. Eliot said life doesn’t end with a bang but a whimper — well, we certainly proved him wrong with 'Into the Sunset.'”

Stephen Brown, CEO of Vavoom Media, was also pleased with the video.

“I’ve had the opportunity to preview some of the footage, and it’s gorgeous — the lighting, the acting, the over-the-top sex scenes," Brown said. "Now that the fun part is over with, we have a lot of work ahead of us in the editing room. I’m honored to have been involved with this landmark film — Sunset Thomas’ final and the first of many more for Vavoom Films.”

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