John Stagliano to Be Arraigned April 21

Steve Javors
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Evil Angel owner John Stagliano will be arraigned April 21 in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. before Judge Richard J. Leon. Stagliano told XBIZ that he would plead not guilty on all charges.

XBIZ broke the story Tuesday of the Justice Department indicting Stagliano, Evil Angel Productions and John Stagliano Inc. with seven counts of operating “an obscenity distribution business and related offenses.” The charges stem from the mail and Internet distribution of two movies, plus a web trailer.

The movies named in the indictment are "Milk Nymphos" directed by Jay Sin, "Storm Squirters 2" directed by Joey Silvera and a trailer from Belladonna's "Fetish Fanatic 5."

Representing Stagliano at his arraignment will be Allan Gelbard, who previously won a multimillion-dollar judgment for Evil Angel in a piracy case against Canadian distributor Kaytel. In addition to Gelbard, it’s likely that First Amendment attorney Lou Sirkin, assisted by Jennifer Kinsley, will be on the defense team.

XBIZ also has learned that Stagliano is looking to add a third lead attorney to his team and will be meeting with a Washington, D.C.-based lawyer next week.

Evil Angel publicist Karen Stagliano also announced that a legal defense fund would be set up in conjunction with the Free Speech Coalition. The creation of the fund was spurred by the outpouring of support Stagliano has received.

Prominent libertarian organization the Reason Foundation (aligned with Reason magazine) has reached out to Stagliano to offer assistance. A supporter of libertarian causes, Stagliano has supported the foundation for more than 30 years.

“The support from fans and people within the adult entertainment community has been tremendous,” Karen Stagliano told XBIZ. “Many have asked us how they could help, not only to support John and our company, but to help protect free speech. It’s touching that so many want to help in whatever way they can.”

Karen Stagliano said that any leftover contributions would go to FSC or another free speech organization.

A website for the defense fund is expected to go live on Monday. For more information contact