Matt Zane Records Vocals on 'Radium 2' Theme Song

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Director Matt Zane has recorded vocal tracks for "Radium 2" to go with the guitar tracks from the video's mystery guest.

"I was talking to the mystery metal guest about the theme song, and I asked if he could lay down a few vocal ideas," Zane said. "He felt it might have been a little too easy for people to identify him, so recording the guitar tracks seemed to be the next best thing. After it was finished, I was really into the song and wanted to write and record some vocals on it. I asked him, and he was cool with it, so I ran into to the studio to record. I think that track came out great."

Footage of Zane working on the vocals is available here.

"Radium 2," a Matt Zane Productions feature, will be distributed by Evolution Distribution in May 2008.

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