Interactive Fleshlight Connects Users With Their Computers

Bob Preston
CYBERSPACE — A new development from the world of adult novelties brings interactive sex closer to a new and strange virtual reality: the Interactive Fleshlight.

The popular men’s toy inspired the sex engineers at to retrofit the male masturbation gizmo into a makeshift reverse-joystick – instead of holding it, users thrust into it to control interactive sex games.

For about $50 to $70, Fleshlight fans will get a replacement cap for the toy, a rubber tube, a USB cable, a control box and a game to play with the device.

Fleshlight customer relations manager Todd Porter told XBIZ that while his company doesn't officially endorse a product like the Interactive Fleshlight, they're all in favor of fans finding new and fun ways to retrofit their product.

"Our whole product is designed around the idea that men can have fun masturbating," he said. "So we support anything that makes our product more enjoyable."

To that end, Porter cited a whole "subculture" of Fleshlight enthusiasts who fiddle with the original product's design to squeeze more enjoyment out of their experience with it.

More than 50,000 users have registered at the Fleshlight forums to discuss their own modifications, among other topics. Porter mentioned a product called Priceless, which combines a Fleshlight with a cordless drill to produce a motorized version of the original.

As for the Interactive Fleshlight, to date it only has one game available for it, "Naughty Nurse Nicci." Sex blog has a review of the game. It's not positive.

For more information on Fleshlight, visit their official website.