BeAMonstar Releases Sweeten69 Supplement

Stephen Yagielowicz
LOS ANGELES —, the exclusive nationwide distributor of the ExtenZe and XploZion male herbal enhancement products, has announced its release of the Sweeten69 daily dietary supplement.

According to the company, Sweeten69 is an all-new herbal supplement for women and men that works with the body's natural processes to improve the way you taste to your partner by naturally sweetening the flavor of your cum as you climax.

The company claims that the formula is based on the work of nutrition experts who studied how different foods and drinks have the potential to make male semen and female vaginal secretions taste sweet or bitter, depending on their chemical makeup.

"Sweeten69 sweetens the body from the inside out," a company release stated, citing benefits such as sweeter ejaculations for men, sweeter vaginal secretions for women, instant results with chewable tablets, more sensitivity during oral sex and greater sexual confidence for users.

Sweeten69 comes in a bottle of 30 chewable tablets or two-pack pouch.

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