Tristan Taormino Wins Award for Vivid Ed

Joanne Cachapero
TORONTO — Vivid Ed director and sex educator Tristan Taormino was honored by the Feminist Porn Awards as Smutty Schoolteacher of the Year for her Vivid Ed “Expert Guide to…” educational series.

The Feminist Porn Awards are presented annually by Toronto-based adult retailer Good For Her, and honors women adult filmmakers, as well as video and online content that is socially conscious or female-positive.

"I feel so thrilled and honored to be recognized for the third year in a row by the Feminist Porn Awards," Taormino said. "Good For Her has truly broken new ground in putting these awards together; this awards show makes history every time it happens. I appreciate my work being recognized both by feminists and as a feminist. Oh, and this smutty schoolteacher believes in extra credit."

Taormino won the trophy for her two-part “Expert’s Guide to Oral Sex,” which featured cunnilingus and fellatio.

The instructional videos put professional performers in scenes that can be played with educational highlights and narratives, or without the educational information, for viewing as a traditional sex scene.

The debut title in the Expert Guide series focused on the topic of anal sex, and the upcoming release of “Expert Guide to the G-Spot” is scheduled for this week.

In 2007, the director was a two-time winner at the Feminist Porn Awards for “Chemistry,” which brought home trophies for Hottest Gonzo Sex Scene and Hottest Diverse Cast.

Taormino is also an award-winning author, sex educator and contributor to the Village Voice with her nationally syndicated column “Pucker Up.” For a complete list of Feminist Porn Awards winners, click here.