Bijou Remasters Classic Films of J Brian

Joanne Cachapero
Bijou Video has released its latest collection of classic gay films. Three films by photographer-director J Brian, produced during the ‘70s and 80s, are available for the first time on DVD.

J Brian, who began his career as a photographer for the “physique” magazines in the early days of gay erotica, went on to direct and produce film loops, and eventually, full-length feature films.

“J Brian’s Golden Boys” is a collection of six film loops from the early ‘70s that includes a segment called “Golden Boys,” which according to Bijou is one of the first hardcore gay orgy scenes shot on film.

Released in 1971, “Seven in a Barn” is the first gay movie with sound synced to the onscreen action, and stars Dean Chasson, who later became a model for Falcon Studios. The film’s rudimentary plot is based on a group of men playing a game of strip poker in a barn, and was inspired by an erotic magazine from the early ‘60s, also titled “Seven in a Barn.” Bijou also has full-color reproductions of the magazine available for purchase.

“Male Stampede,” which was originally released in 1982, is a Western-themed full-length feature starring Brien Neves and Tony D’Angelo. There are several outdoor scenes in the movie, as well as a soundtrack featuring bluegrass music.

In addition to the three DVD titles, Bijou has made 4,000 photos by J Brian available on their flagship website Users can purchase reproductions of the photos there.

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