Doc Johnson Releases New Silicone Lubricant

Tod Hunter
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Doc Johnson has released Drip Lube, a new silicone-based personal lubricant for sale in general-interest stores as well as adult stores.

Drip Lube is available unscented and in "Sexy Cherry Vanilla," "Sweet Honeysuckle" and "Spicy Gingerbread" scents. It comes packaged in a 2 oz. red bottle with a brushed-aluminum screw-top cap and a rubber dropper, because "a little goes a long way," said Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s Director of Product Development and Licensing.

“With our all-new Drip Lube, we wanted to present to the consumer something a little different than your garden-variety silicone lubricant,” Braverman said. “We’ve incorporated unique scents with an innovative presentation. Doc Johnson has had a lot of success with our previous lube releases, and we’re raising the bar even higher with our long-lasting Drip Lube.”

Drip Lube is part of Doc Johnson’s award-winning line of personal lubricants, which includes Doc’s Cocktails, winner of Women’s Health Magazine’s 2008 Best in Bed Award.

For more information, visit the Doc Johnson website or consult your wholesale distributor.