Harmony Films Offering Extra PPV Scene on New European DVDs

Tod Hunter
LONDON — Using a new security system, Harmony Films will offer an extra pay-per-view scene on new DVDs.

Discs using Perpetual Action Group's PAG View system can contain as many as 16 sections, each of which requires a unique unlock code for each viewing. Viewers can buy codes through payments made via mobile phone, text messaging or the Internet.

The first bonus hardcore scene will be on U.K. and European releases of Harmony Films' new "Young Harlots: In Detention." Consumers can watch the scene after paying a fee of $6.

The U.S. release of "Young Harlots: In Detention" on June 8 will not contain the encoded scene. Future Harmony Films releases in the U.S. will incorporate the new technology.

"PAG View allows our end users who want to view the additional scene the opportunity to do so for a small fee," said Jason Maskell, sales and marketing manager for Harmony Films. "The fact that it takes a code to unlock the bonus scene makes it less likely that it will be illegally distributed. We are very excited about PAG View and its potential." Representatives from Perpetual Action Group said that the discs could generate revenue "in perpetuity," because each viewing requires a new unlock code and a new payment. It is also the only system available that can potentially deliver continuous revenue streams for each DVD distributed.

"PAG View offers the viewers at home the chance to see original, never-before-seen scenes, and it provides Harmony Films a new layer of protection against unauthorized distribution in this very competitive marketplace," Wayne Hentai, global public relations manager for Harmony Films, told XBIZ.

For more information on Harmony Films, visit the Harmony Films website and MySpace page. For wholesale sales information, email Harmony Films Sales and Marketing Manager Jason Maskell at jason@harmonyuk.com.