FSC Offers Members Financial Planning Program

Steve Javors
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has partnered with Plan B Investments (PBII) to offer FSC members customized financial planning services, including business and personal retirement needs.

PBII is an L.A.-based registered investment advisor with several years of experience working with adult entertainment clients. The company is a member of FINRA and SIPC.

“The Free Speech Coalition is often viewed as a litigation-only organization,” FSC Director of Membership Services Scott L. Lowther said. “While we do protect our members through lobbying, public education and major litigation efforts when necessary, FSC is committed to its broader role as the national trade association of the adult entertainment industry. Many members may procrastinate in financial planning out of fear, or ignore the benefits and opportunities that high levels of income through business can present. FSC, through this newest member benefit and through our own effort at due diligence with PBII, is able to provide our membership with a reasonable level of comfort and professional service.”

PBII is prepared to meet the financial needs of all types and sizes of member companies, including the self employed. In addition to offering retirement accounts, the company can answer questions about financial planning, and is prepared to offer a solution to every FSC member, according to the FSC.

“Through this partnership, Plan B Investments, Inc., is excited to address FSC members’ financial planning needs by offering experienced service that is positioned to provide financial and investment planning in all 50 states,” PBII’s Marty O’Malley said. “We couldn’t be more pleased to make this value-added option available nationwide.”

O’Malley is available to answer questions at (888) 511-4611.