Razorblade Productions Offers Facilities

Tod Hunter
WEST HILLS, Calif. — Performer-director Barrett Blade's Razorblade Productions is offering a location house and production equipment for rental to adult producers.

"We've got two Final Cut edit bays and two Sony Z1U HD cameras, lights, we've got the house for a location," Blade told XBIZ. "Chris Cannon is living here, so we've got live-in talent, too. If he isn't here, I can jump in."

Blade told XBIZ that he decided to start the production facility after he started working behind the camera.

"I went to editing school first. I wanted to direct, but I wanted to learn all the aspects first. Instead of these people who say they're directors," Blade said. "I learned the pieces one at a time and then started directing for Sin City.

"I realized that I shoot content for a lot of companies that outsource me, and I decided that I should start providing this stuff for people. They were using me anyway, just going through a third party."

The house has been available as a location since last month, and Joanna Angel, Todd Todd and Naughty America have shot there.

"We look forward to serving your every production need," Blade said.

Blade can be contacted by email at barrett@barettblade.com or at (818) 402-5662.