Celebrates 10 Years Online

CYBERSPACE —, a gay online reality show, will soon reach a milestone: April 15, 2008, marks the live show's tenth continuous year. started in 1998, and has grown to encompass two separate houses and ten guys. Groups of unrelated guys are chosen to spend six months living together in mini-mansions, and have every moment of their lives webcast to subscribers — even when they leave the house, thanks to new portable technology developed by CollegeBoysLive.

“Time has just flown by," President Zac Adams said. "I can’t believe it's 10 years already.” will host a live 10-year celebration online on April 12. The company will also be inviting past stars from over the years back to celebrate and to talk about their experiences on

For more information, go to, contact Zac Adams at (407) 298-3582 or email