Puts New Package on Its Penis Sizer

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — has reintroduced its Penis Measuring Kit in new packaging, so that consumers can accurately measure their package. The novelty “phallusmeasure” comes with a plastic tube length gauge, girth measuring tape and a velvet pouch.

"Since the beginning of time, men have been measuring themselves, and in reality, penis size is one of the most inaccurate statistics in the world today," founder Jared Spencer said.

"Over time, the continued use of the phallumeasure will rectify these statistics and make it possible to have credible surveys. It’s time for men everywhere to pull it out, get measured and tell the world what they've got — whether it's 4 and a half inches with good control skills or whether it's a 9-inch tool that needs no instruction."

The packaging redesign includes complete step-by-step instructions for proper measuring of the penis, including techniques for Around the Horn, Balls and All, From Hole to Pole and Stretching the Truth. There is also a breakdown of the metric vs. standard measuring systems.

For more information, visit the website.