Trannywood Pictures Releases “Couch Surfers: Trans Men in Action”

Jeremy Spencer
SAN FRANCISCO — Transgender production company Trannywood Pictures has announced the release of its second feature, ”Couch Surfers: Trans Men in Action.”

The small, San Francisco-based porn production company that focuses on safe sex, education and bringing together of trans and other queer men, recently received critical acclaim for “Cubbyholes: Trans Men in Action,” which garnered a GAYVN nomination for Best Alternative Release.

“The FTM (female-to-male transsexual) genre continues to grow with Buck Angel producing his own brand of porn, and the return of director Morty Diamond to FTM porn,” a Trannywood representative said. “Diamond directed and produced ‘Trannyfags,’ the 2004 film that reframed the genre and has recently released ‘Trans-Entities: The Nasty Love of Papi and Wil.’”

“Couch Surfers: Trans Men in Action” is set in EROS , the premiere safe sex club for gay men in San Francisco. The movie follows the actions of guys on and around one of the iconic couches in the club’s lounge.

“Our outreach to the community has really expanded in the last year,” Trannywood’s Ian Sparks said. “Our retail partner network has also expanded 300 percent compared to last year.”

Trannywood Pictures’ community-base style of porn focuses on seamless use of harm-reduction methods in hot settings. Trannywood Pictures features a variety of body types, with trans men who have had surgery and those who haven’t, as well as nontrans men.

“Couch Surfers 2” is expected later this year. Shot at the same time as “Couch Surfers,” it focuses on couples and their initial negotiations as they follow up with hot man-on-man sex.

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