Releases Final Webisode of ‘Boris et Nadir’

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Gay distribution company The French Connection announced that Citebeur , one of the studios it exclusively represents, has posted the third and final episode of its web series “Boris et Nadir .”

“Boris et Nadir,” which features Citebeur stars and promotes safe sex within the gay community, is attracting major attention in France and will soon be released on French TV.

Citebeur currently has three films available: “Wassup Bro,” “Black Street: Muscle” and “Gay Arab Club.” The French Connection distributes all three movies.

To view the complete series, click here.

“The webisode is also available on You Tube ,” The French Connection’s sales manager Nick Gardner said, “but the image quality is lower.”

The next Citebeur DVD release, “Wassup Bro 2” will ship on April 25.

For more information on Citebeur, visit the website.

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