Aaron James Prowls “Hollywood Sex Club”

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Gay production studio Jet Set Men announced the release of “Hollywood Sex Club,” the first starring vehicle for Jet Set exclusive Aaron James.

“Hollywood Sex Club” is the latest from the Jet Set production team of director Andrew Rosen and producer John M. Tegan. The film tells the tale of two drunken straight buddies (James and costar Jason Reddick) who stumble into a renowned gay Hollywood sex club and end up in a sizzling threesome while, all around them, guys hunt for sex.

The movie also stars Jet Set exclusive Sebastian Young, Tyler Saint and Jonathan Lowe.

“Rosen’s camera roams around the club to give viewers the experience of being there themselves,” a Jet Set representative said. “Hot guys slip in and out of sex scenes, starting trouble in one place and unloading in another, imitating what often happens in sex clubs in real life. Sometimes, Rosen has the camera just focus on two guys, such as near the beginning of the movie when Saint and Lowe engage in a fierce romp that leaves both men spent and drenched in sweat.”

James is currently featured on a MTV’s “True Life” documentary series, in an episode titled, “I Work in the Sex Industry.” According to a Jet Set representative, MTV is said to be “so pleased with his segment that they have recently taped follow-up interviews with James to add to the existing program, which has been running on the cable network for nearly all of March.”

The updated material will begin airing as early as April 5 in some cable areas, according to sources at MTV.

James will also be appearing in another video from Jet Set in which he appears in every scene: “Ass Cruisin’ with Aaron James.”

“Ass Cruisin’ with Aaron James” is scheduled to be released in late May.

Jet Set has received 14 nominations for the 17th Annual Grabby Awards , to be held May 24.

Director Rosen and producer Tegan’s first Jet Set movie, “Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2,” earned a Best Video nomination and Rosen received a Best Director nod. Rosen also received a nomination for Best Screenplay for Jet Set’s “The F Word.”

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For more information, contact Jet Set Men’s Director of Marketing John Tegan at (818) 503-7741, ext. 120.