Canadian Company Takes Stand Against 2257

Matt O'Conner
WEST VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Adult content provider Sweet Productions Inc. has petitioned the Canadian and British Columbian privacy commissioners to speak out against impending 2257 regulations and bring to bear their political weight on the issue.

“We want to make sure the U.S. government knows the regulations contradict statutes not only in Canada, but also in the UK and Europe,” producer Max Sweet told XBiz.

In particular, Sweet Productions, like many Canadian adult companies, is taking issue with 2257 provisions that would require them to hand over confidential information on performers in direct violation of their country’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

While most Canadian company’s have started releasing model Ids in preparation for the June 23 enforcement date of the new 2257 regulations, Sweet Productions has refused to do so — and is urging others to stand with them.

Sweet Productions explained its position in a press release, stating, “Sweet Entertainment Group intends to honour (sic) its commitment to its adult entertainment models to respect and be vigilant in the protection of their privacy rights.”

“”A lot of people have said, ‘But you’re cutting off your U.S webmasters,’” Sweet told XBiz. “But we’re trying to find creative solutions. We feel we can find a solution where we don’t have to compromise our stand and we can still work with U.S. webmasters.”

Sweet added that his company has petitioned both federal and provincial privacy officials asking for their input and direct intervention in the matter.