Matt Zane Continues ‘Punk’d Ur Ass’ Series

LOS ANGELES — Matt Zane continues his porn-meets-“Jackass” adult video series with “Punk’d Ur Ass 3,” released through Evolution Distribution.

In the latest volume, Rick Masters jumps out of a plane, and Oliver Sanchez drives naked through a fast food restaurant in a convertible.

In perhaps the film’s funniest scene, Scott Lyons, who weighs 137 pounds, was asked to take on a 340-pound professional sumo wrestler in six sumo matches. Victoria Sin was the prize if Lyons actually went through with matches, and she also was the honorary referee.

"This guy has balls," said Mark Sumo, the professional sumo wrestler.

In Zane’s series, the guys are awarded a scene with a hot porn starlet if they complete the stunt.

"This is crazy. I can't believe he is actually going through with this," said Sin before the match.

Lyons was picked up, thrown, tossed and even dumped on his head, but continued to get up and fight.

Mark Zane, Matt's brother, even decided to get in on the fun and take on the Sumo fighter for a few rounds. Mark Zane was featured in the first “Punk’d Ur Ass,” getting in the ring with 12-time world kickboxing champion Hector Pena.

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