Burning Angel Inks Deal With Vouyer Media

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — Burning Angel Entertainment has ended its DVD distribution deal with Pulse Distribution and has inked a new deal with Vouyer Media, Burning Angel founder and head Joanna Angel told XBIZ.

Burning Angel had released nine movies in two years while with Pulse, the last titles coming in December. Since Angel owned her own product, her library of titles, including horror porn hit “Re-Penetrator” and tattoo-fetish series “Cum On My Tattoo” would now be available through Vouyer.

“We were one of the first companies that Pulse picked up,” Angel said. “I have tons of respect for them, and I think Mark Hamilton is a great businessman. They definitely held our hands and helped us along the way. Burning Angel wouldn’t be where it is without their distribution help.”

With its new distribution partner in place, Burning Angel becomes the first outside production studio to be distributed by Vouyer Media. Terms of the deal call for Angel to continue to own her own product with Vouyer server as exclusive distributor. Angel said she plans to ramp up production to release one new title per month under her new partnership.

“I kind of like the idea of being Vouyer’s new project; I’ll get a lot of love and attention,” Angel said. “Our first release will come out in May. We’ve never kept pace with one title a month, but we’ll do our best to keep up with that goal. It’ll be a kick in the ass for us.”

Angel said that she plans to continue the series’ “Cum On My Tattoo,” “Fuck Me In the Bathroom” and “Big Boobs Are Cool” with Vouyer in addition to re-packaging Burning Angel Internet content onto DVD.

Angel’s relationship with company namesake and co-founder Vince Vouyer goes back a few years to when Angel worked for him as talent when Vouyer was directing for Red Light District.

“We’ve always just gotten along, we have similar senses of humor,” Angel said. “I like that his company is still relatively new and thriving and as a company owner myself, that’s something I admire.

“People forget that Burning Angel is an Internet company. I still think we never truly figured out how to make it in the DVD world. We know how to make cool movies, but we’re not the masters of DVD distribution. So the two of us together makes for a good partnership.

“Fuck Me In the Bathroom 2,” releasing in May will be the first Burning Angel title distributed by Vouyer Media. The movie stars Angel, Rebeca Linares, Audrey Elson, and BurningAngel.com models Jessie Lee and Maureen Cross who are new to the DVD market.

To order Burning Angel Entertainment or Vouyer Media product, email Tony Cleary at tonyc@vouyermedia.com, or call (818) 993-5030.