Airplane Ad Pulled in Texas

Tod Hunter
SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas — A pink banner advertising adult products website that had been flown over spring break destination South Padre Island has been grounded after complaints by residents.

"It's just a little community, and there are a lot of older folks there," John from Houston-based National Sky Signs told XBIZ. "We flew it a couple of times and the county asked me if I would not do it anymore. It was an informal request. I said, 'Not a problem.' They moved the banner to another place."

The banner is 25 feet high and 68 feet long, with the words “Got Toys?" alongside the company’s logo of a silhouetted woman.

"We felt that it's a great audience for us, spring breakers," CEO Keith Levenson told XBIZ. "We know our demographics, and the 18-25 crowd is a big audience for us."

Levenson told XBIZ that he might pursue the ban through the courts.

"So far as I knew, flying planes and aerial banners was a First Amendment right," Levenson said. "From what we heard, this was a little airport that took the law into their own hands. We're contemplating legal action."