Intense Industries Introduces New Line, Doubles Output

Bob Preston
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Despite an economic slowdown, Intense Industries plans to double its output with a slew of new titles under a new line called "Mad Monkey."

Intense Industries President Vince Miller told XBIZ that his company plans to increase its output from one to two titles per week. He said his company plans to enact this increase in output with the same creative team and crew they currently employ.

"We can handle it with the crew we have," he said. "Instead of sitting around smoking during our downtime, we'll be shooting."

Intense Industries will release two titles in April, two in May and one every week after that. Releases in April include "Grandpa Loves Young Girls" and "Gut-Busters."

The "Mad Monkey" will encompass several niches, including MILF, GILF, lesbian MILF, plump, busty, hirsute and barely legal.

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