Joanna Angel Interviewed on G4

Tod Hunter
NEW YORK — Performer-director Joanna Angel is featured on G4's "Extreme Close-Up" in a five-minute interview that can be seen online.

In the interview, Angel talks about the website and her adult videos. She also talks about her horror-porn films "The XXXorcist" and "Re-Penetrator."

"I've always been a big fan of horror movies," Angel says in the interview. "Particularly the really cheesy ones, like 'Halloween' or 'Phantasm.' The ones that you can watch and laugh at. I always like those better than the ones that are really scary."

"The XXXorcist" and "Re-Penetrator." will soon be available in softcore versions on a new DVD, "The Sick & Twisted Horror Of Joanna Angel."

The interview can be accessed here.