Ron Jeremy Endorses Hillary Clinton

Joanne Cachapero
WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — From the set of “Not Bewitched XXX,” adult industry elder statesman Ron Jeremy threw his support behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, citing the benefits of the senator being married to former President Bill Clinton.

Jeremy recently returned from a tour of the U.K., where he visited universities to speak on his pro-adult entertainment stance. He also made appearances at several nightclubs.

Speaking for XFANZ video cameras, the pop culture icon pointed out Bill Clinton’s skills at global diplomacy as one of his reasons for choosing Hillary.

To see the XFANZ video, click here.

“I do want her because of him,” Jeremy told XFANZ. “I like Democrats. I love Bill Clinton because he’s so well liked all over the world. He’s an absolute ambassador of goodwill.

“He tried so hard to unite the Irish Republic, and he did,” Jeremy said. “Clinton is huge in Ireland, Scotland and England.

“He’s absolutely loved in Europe — they could give a rat’s ass about Monica Lewinsky. Europeans like it when a president has a scandal. If a president’s not getting his schmeckle sucked in office, they think something’s wrong. They want a nice, virile man.”

Jeremy added that though he does not want to see a Republican in office, he feels that Sen. John McCain was probably the best choice as a candidate for the Republicans.