Nikki Benz Takes Her New Boobs on the Road

LOS ANGELES — Performer Nikki Benz is busting out all over in April, starting with a new boob job.

"I'm so excited. They came out great," Benz said." I really liked my old boobs, but these are way better. They’re bigger, and they have a more natural shape, feel and look. I switched from saline to silicone, and they feel incredibly soft. My fans are already asking me when they can see my new bigger boobies."

Fans in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Battle Creek, Michigan, won’t have long to wait. They’ll be on display in all of their magnificent glory — along with the rest of Nikki — when she features at Spearmint Rhino, 15004 Oxnard St. in Van Nuys, Calif., the weekend of April 3-5. She’ll be appearing at the Fantasies Club, 5520 Pennington Ave. in Baltimore the weekend of April 10-12 and at Hots Showbar, 9487 N. Raymond Rd. in Battle Creek, Mich., the weekend of April 17-19.

Fans will be able to get a Polaroid picture with Nikki or a signed poster. She’ll also have her latest DVD releases including "Pretty Pussies Please 4" from Third Degree, and "Goo 4 Two 6" and "Double Decker Sandwich 11" from Zero Tolerance.

"Besides selling my merchandise, I also throw out a ton of free goodies during my stage shows, including DVDs, posters and my 8x10 pictures," Benz said.

Benz also will be shooting for in April, and the footage will be uploaded soon after.

An interview with Benz is featured in the June 2008 issue of Velvet, on newsstands now. She discusses her career to date and her plans for the future in the profusely illustrated interview.

Benz was shot by paparazzi at sushi restaurant Koi on a recent night out. She flashed the celebrity photographers and two video clips were uploaded to the popular gossip website and one was shown on the TMZ television program.

"I didn't realize so many people watched that show," Benz said. "A lot of people saw me! Even my hairdresser called me up and said, ‘Did I just see your boob on TV?’"

The clips are available at these TMZ links: and

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