COLT Releases ‘Strong Will: The Assertion’

Joanne Cachapero
SAN FRANCISCO — COLT Studio Group has released the latest title from director Kristofer Weston, “Strong Will: The Assertion.” The schoolboy-themed feature is the newest video produced for the Buckshot line.

The video hit the street on March 27, and stars Dean Phoenix, Guy Parker, Donny Malone and Trystian Sweet, and features Mason Wyler, Tory Mason, Zack Randall and Omer.

“Kristofer’s been directing for a couple of years for us, and his priority is the Buckshot line, while I produce and direct most of the COLT line,” COLT owner John Rutherford told XBIZ. “‘Strong Will’ really picks up on the enthusiasm of the fans for this line. With COLT being around for a long time, re-establishing the Buckshot line has been a priority for us in the last couple of years.”

Rutherford pointed out that while the classic COLT style caters to a specific taste in models, Buckshot has been geared toward a wider variety of tastes.

“Many people know that Buckshot is really the line for men, boys and everything in between,” Rutherford said. “COLT stays specifically to the masculine male image, but Buckshot is really everything in between. Kris has done a wonderful job with ‘Strong Will,’ where you have Dean Phoenix, Zack Randall and new to us, Guy Parker — and they’re all cute as a button.

“That’s what Buckshot is all about. Anything is there for anyone,” he added. “It’s hardcore action, but it’s not like COLT, where you have the prestige and more erotic content. Buckshot is more the raw, hardcore action.”

In terms of diversification, Rutherford pointed out that audiences are looking for a wider variety of models and content, as well as a choice of products from gay studios.

“The DVD market is really freaking out, and everyone is wondering what to do. You can only reinvent the wheel so many times,” he explained. “We’re very fortunate. Thankfully, we’ve got a complete product line — magazines, clothing, leather gear, DVDs, web memberships and VOD. So thankfully, we diversified enough to where we’re doing okay.”

The COLT Cash affiliate program is currently offering marketing tools, including TOP galleries, for “Strong Will: The Assertion.”

“We’re really extending our COLT Cash program, and that’s really something where we have TGP galleries for affiliates and different tools for different customers to generate more traffic and sales online, as well as VOD.”

For information on the COLT Cash program, contact Sean O’Brien via email at