XBIZ Launches GLBT Brand and News Portal

Jeremy Spencer
LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce the launch of news portal XBIZ GLBT at glbt.xbiz.com .

Created with the mission to best inform and educate members of the GLBT business community, the new portal provides timely and comprehensive coverage of both the video and online sectors as they relate to the GLBT industry.

In addition, all advertisements, feature articles, video release listings and blogs will be dedicated to the GLBT industry, making the entire experience of surfing XBIZ.com under the new tab a “GLBT experience.”

“XBIZ has always valued its relationship with members of the GLBT business community,” XBIZ President Alec Helmy said, “many of whom have been great supporters of XBIZ over the years. XBIZ GLBT is simply an extension of our primary brand, and its mission is to deliver offerings of even greater value to the community.”

“We are really excited about this launch,” XBIZ GLBT Editor Jeremy Spencer said. “When I came on board here at XBIZ, the excitement of generating a user-friendly tab dedicated entirely to the GLBT industry was infectious. We couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling, and now we’re finally there.”

“I am extremely proud to have had a hand in the creation and rollout of the XBIZ GLBT tab,” XBIZ Publisher Tom Hymes said. “It is going to be a robust provider of vital news and information, and we look forward to improving and increasing our coverage of this dynamic sector.”

With one click on the GLBT tab at the top of the XBIZ.com home page, GLBT surfers will be treated to information that is most relevant to them. Focusing primarily on gay/GLBT business-to-business news and information, the site will also feature legal issues, technological advancements and other information of importance and value to the GLBT community.

“We have some very unique marketing campaigns in the works,” Spencer said. “Campaigns that will feature some of the biggest and brightest stars and talent in the GLBT industry. Currently, we have award-winning director Michael Lucas starring in ads promoting the GLBT site in the newest issues of both XBIZ World and XBIZ Premiere magazines.

“In addition to Mr. Lucas,” Spencer continued. “Chi Chi LaRue, one of the most well-known personalities the GLBT industry has ever produced, has lent his image to the cause, appearing in eye-catching promotional materials to be unveiled at The Phoenix Forum.”