Bijou Releases ‘New Jersey Trash’ Video Series

Joanne Cachapero
CHICAGO — Adult distributor Bijou Video will release a series of 15 videos directed by Robert Prion, remastered and captured for the first time on DVD. The “New Jersey Trash” series will debut with three titles including “19 Good Men,” “Total Impact” and “Hidden Instincts.”

The hardcore titles were all filmed between 1987-1994 and feature free-for-all sex with blue-collar types in middle-class suburban settings. Prion was known for shooting scenes in tacky kitchens and paneled basement rec rooms at homes in his native New Jersey.

“19 Good Men” was originally released in 1993 and features Byron Rogers, Jay Richards and real-life brothers Dane and Rick Thomas. At the time, the title was described by The Guide reviewer Edward Hougen as an “excellent introduction” to Prion’s work.

1992’s “Total Impact” goes down on a New Jersey farm with a cast of 15 performers, including star Joey Stefano.

“Hidden Instinct,” also released in 1992, is made up of vignettes, such as one character’s coming-out experience and a scene from a gay stag party.

Bijou Video has not yet revealed other upcoming titles in the series.

Under the umbrella of parent company Bijou World, the Chicago-based gay retailer/wholesaler, the video production company has been pulling classic titles from its extensive library of adult gay cinema and transferring it to DVD. The Bijou World catalog includes titles going back to the earliest examples of gay adult films.

The “New Jersey Trash” series has also been packaged with retro boxcover art that reflects the time period of the original videos.

The “New Jersey Trash” titles are available separately from Bijou Video at their website and select distributors.

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