AMG’s New Release Features 3-Way With President

Joanne Cachapero
EL CERRITO, Calif. — Gay production company AMG Brasil released its latest title, “Carnaval,” today. Shot on location in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the video captures the wild atmosphere of the city’s world-famous pre-Lenten celebration.

Local talent joined stars from the studio’s roster of exclusive South American models, and in one memorable scene, perform a three-way with models wearing gorilla, duck and President Bush masks. Performers Anderson Alves, AMG Brasil exclusive Ricardo Onça and Max Kairon appear in the scene.

“I think we should be really proud of our leader,” AMG Brasil owner/director Dennis Bell said. “He can take a serious pounding. Really, this scene is one of my favorites. Ricardo and Anderson are ruthless and Max isn’t exactly a passive bottom.”

The movie also stars Lucas Lucky, who appeared in Kristin Bjorn’s “ Rocks and Hard Places,” as well as Marcelo Mastro, Rick Garcia, Jeff Silva, Jack Benelli and Junior Ronaldo.

Bell, who acquired parent company Athletic Model Guild from legendary muscle photographer Bob Mizer in 2004, started AMG Brasil with the intention of filling the niche for native Latin models, shot in exotic South American locations.

“There’s an air of authenticity here that’s missing from much of the Latin porn market,” Bell said. “You can’t just slap a sombrero on a white guy and call him ‘Mexican’ like Bob Mizer used to. You have to trust that your audience is smarter than that. That’s why we go straight to the source and only use models who are native to Brazil.”

Consumers can preview “Carnaval” at AMG website, in the newly revamped store area, which features embedded videos on every store page.

“When I spend money I want to know what I’m buying,” Bell said. “I think our customers are the same way. With the addition of trailers to our web store, old customers will be able to see who their favorite stars are fucking in what film and new customers will get an idea of the quality and authenticity of our line. This way, no one’s disappointed.”

Preorders for “Carnaval” are now being taken at the AMG online store.