Powersville to Release Dr. Probe's Lab of Perversion

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Award winning director Jim Powers has announced the upcoming release of his medical fetish DVD, Dr. Probe's Lab of Perversion.

The new title is slated to street on March 31 through the Powersville, Inc. label, distributed by JM Productions.

According to the company, Dr. Probe's Lab of Perversion explores every woman's worst fear – a trip to the gynecologist gone very, very bad – and will undoubtedly serve as the catalyst for years of nightmares for all women who see the film.

"Look, even though everyone is afraid to talk about it, we all subconsciously realize that gynecologists are truly fucked up individuals," JM Publicist Tony Malice said. "I mean what kind of a sick freak would you have to be to spend a fortune going to school for seven years just so you can inspect snatches all day long? Diseased snatches at that! It's just not normal."

Powers designed all of the sets himself and paid particular attention to the bright fluorescent lighting and forbidding, uncomfortable feel of a real doctor's office.

"I wanted to create an environment that was sterile and extremely non-sexual," Powers said. "After all, there's nothing very romantic about a cold metal rod stretching your vagina. Especially when it's followed up by your gynecologist inappropriately ramming his cock up your ass and down your stupid throat."

Dr. Probe's Lab of Perversion stars Chelsie Rae, Cindy Crawford, Audrey Hollander and Sindee Jennings as well as Dirty Harry, Johnny Thrust, Otto Bauer and Seth Dickens.

Distributors can order now by contacting JM Productions at (800) 550-3659.

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