Black Scorpion Inks With Maleflixxx

Joanne Cachapero
TORONTO — New York-based gay production company Black Scorpion has inked an exclusive video-on-demand deal with VOD provider Maleflixxx.

The first Black Scorpion release available on the Maleflixxx network is the critically acclaimed “Dreams of Rafael,” starring Raphael Alencar, and featuring Kyler Cox, Anton Harri, Hans Hittern, Trent Atkins, Segio Del Castillo, Paco Coinbra, Blu Kennedy, Diego, Brian Bodine and Marcos Pirelli.

“Maleflixxx is very pleased that Black Scorpion Entertainment has joined our network and our family of exclusive studios,” Sureflix President Eric Johnson said. “Viewers are already responding enthusiastically to the first release from Black Scorpion on our network, ‘Dreams of Raphael.’ This movie made the network’s Top 10 Most Watched list within days of their premiere. Our viewers can look forward to more Black Scorpion content in the near future."

Black Scorpion has produced five titles to date, since the company opened for business in 2007, and is known for its use of European models, elaborate location and high production values.

“We built Black Scorpion Entertainment to be a premium entertainment company. Aligning ourselves with Maleflixxx was a natural evolution to building our brand and positioning ourselves for even greater success in the marketplace.” Black Scorpion Vice President of Marketing James Ian said. “Maleflixxx has a tried-and-true methodology to merchandising, scheduling and marketing the exclusive, high-end content that we produce here at Black Scorpion Entertainment.”

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