‘Handyman 5’ Hits the Streets

Joanne Cachapero
CANOGA PARK — Director Tina Tyler’s “Handyman 5” is the latest release from the male solo series, created for the women’s market.

Produced for Mercenary Pictures, the title features Johnny Nitro, Jay Lassiter, Ken, Frankie Young, Eric Price, Mike Hawk, King James, Nat Turner and Seth Dickens.

Though male solo content is almost always aimed at the gay market, the “Handyman” line is unusual for being all-sex content geared specifically for women viewers.

"'Handyman' always features the hot men in the adult industry, and it's a series that the ladies are now actively looking for," Tyler said. "It's a solid offering and the reception the line receives is amazing, despite turning the straight industry's expectations of what a solo movie is on its head."

Tyler creates a short scenario for each model that sets up the scene and allows the performers to tease and talk to the camera, all of which creates appeal for a female audience or any viewer that enjoys male solo performances.

In this latest volume, she changes the previous format, which had included interviews along with the performances. This time, the interviews are shot as bonus extras, with Tyler giving a short introduction to each model’s scene.

"The intros I'm doing are cute and funny," Tyler said. "It gives the viewers a little peek into each guy and if they want to know more, they can go to the extras."

“Handyman 5” streets today.

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