Releases First Episode of Web Series ‘Boris et Nadir’

Jeremy Spencer
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Gay distribution company The French Connection announced that Citebeur , one of the studios it exclusively represents, has released the first episode of “Boris et Nadir ” online.

The three-part web series is aimed at promoting safe sex in the gay community and will air on French television.

The first episode is now available online. The second will post Friday and the third and final webisode will appear on March 28.

“So far it is already drawing massive attention in France,” The French Connection’s sales manager Nick Gardner said.

Founded in 2001 by Stephane Chibikh, Paris-based started streaming videos that Chibikh directed on the web. By 2003, he discovered how successful his titles were so he began producing films on DVD.

“So far Citebeur has released 27 DVDs and produced about 500 scenes which streams through our website,” producer Antoine Barde said. “In addition to our movies, we run an online store, , which features DVDs, sex toys and underwear and , which is a chat room where members can post private videos and connect with each other through Cam2Cam sessions.”

Citebeur’s titles — all distributed by The French Connection — include “Wassup Bro,” “Black Street: Muscle” and “Gay Arab Club.”

In 2005 and 2006, Citebeur produced two seasons of a gay reality TV show called “Hotcast,” which was created to find “the next Francois Sagat ” (the award-winning French porn star), among six porn star wannabes. The series was released on French cable TV.

“It notably features a ‘Master Class’ segment by Francois,” Barde said. “We also completed a hardcore porn spin-off of the series on DVD, which features Francois delivering more ‘practical lessons.’”

The French Connection will be releasing “Hotcast” in May 2008, and the disc will include all the hardcore footage from the TV show, including Sagat’s segment.

“It is worth mentioning that Boris — who is the guy in the cap in the video clip — is one of Citebeur’s top stars,” Barde said. “He was Francois Sagat’s first porn movie partner ever and that scene is part of ‘Wassup Bro,’ which was the first Citebeur movie released in the U.S. by The French Connection in 2007.”

Barde said that the cast in the webisode had never acted in a “nonporn movie” and demonstrated “surprisingly good classical acting talent.”

“The important thing to note,” Barde said, “is that each episode is very different but carries the same cool spirit and stresses the importance of gay friendship as a key prevention factor.”

The next Citebeur release, “Wassup Bro 2,” ships on April 25.

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