Sasha Grey Opens Talent Agency

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES —Sasha Grey has announced that she will open a talent agency — and be her own first client. LA Factory Girls officially opened yesterday, but according to the well-known starlet, it will be 1-2 months before the agency will start representing other models.

The decision to open an agency was due, in part, to Grey’s recent parting with the Speigler Girl Agency.

“We parted amicably. It really was just time for me to represent myself. He had represented me for almost two years, and I felt personally it was time for me to try this on my own,” Grey told XBIZ.

Grey charted her own career path with unusual foresightedness, bolstered by her very first appearance in John Stagliano’s “The Fashionistas” in 2005.

“I might not have had the opportunities that I did, so I think that I was at the right place at the right time, and I had the right goals; all of that combined really helped elevate my career in a different way,” Grey said.

But after two years in the industry, the award-winning starlet said she would like to provide new talent with assistance in helping them plot their own careers. Grey said she is approached by new girls aspiring to be performers frequently, and hopes to be able to provide insight into the industry.

“It’s really going to geared to cater to what the model wants. Letting them pick the way they want there career to be run — whether they just want to make money and burn themselves out, because that’s what a lot of people want to do,” Grey said, “or they want to take it one weekend at a time because they’re working their way through college. This is really catering to the person’s specific needs and letting them in on the inside of the business.”

Joining the ranks of other female industry agents like performer-turned-agent Lisa Ann, A-List Talent’s September Dawn, and ATM Agency’s Shy Love, Grey said she hopes to bring her own unique perspective to the table.

“This industry is so huge now, there’s people coming and leaving every day, and I would be happy to provide a place for talent, from a woman’s point of view and helping women out in that way,” she said.

Grey continues to be featured in mainstream media, recently appearing in a Smashing Pumpkins music video. She’s also been expanding her adult repertoire, with performances in upcoming titles for Wicked Pictures and X-Play Productions “Bewitched” parody, among other projects.

Grey said she is also about to launch her official website,, which has been well over a year in development.

“It will be well worth it,” Grey described. “It’s a fusion website, so there is going to be hardcore porn, but if I feel like painting or writing something that has nothing to do with the industry, [I will]. Fans have told me that that’s what they want, personal stuff — even though you do have to keep some things for yourself just to maintain some sort of balance in this business. But it will be a creative outlet for me in all aspects. Visually, it’s a 180 from what you’re used to seeing.”

LA Factory Girls can be reached at (213) 489-7635, or (213) 880-5795, or via email at